You need a radiology request form from your doctor or dentist (for dental examinations) for all exams in our centre!

Once you have this form, these are the next steps:

1) Make an appointment

  • Call 02/653 .80.59 ou or fill out the le formulaire de contact
  • Check the form to explain to the secretary which exams your doctor prescribed
  • Please remember the secretary’s instructions
  • You will receive an SMS the day before the exam to remind you of your appointment

Please inform the secretary how urgent your exam is!

2) On the day of your appointment

Please arrive on time for your appointment, both out of respect for other patients and our staff.


  • Your identity card
  • The form with your doctor’s request for an exam
  • Any previous radiology reports relating to the exam that you will be undergoing
  • Medicines required for the exam: these are usually prescribed electronically and can be collected from your pharmacy with your ID card.

3) At reception

  • Register with the secretary

Always inform us if you are or may be pregnant!

4) After your exam

  • All fees must be paid to the secretariat in cash or by bank card (Mister Cash or Bancontact). No credit cards or bank transfers.
  • You will receive a certificate of treatment so that you can request reimbursement of all expenses from your Belgian mutual health insurance fund.
  • If you need a receipt for your supplementary insurance, please enquire with our secretary.

5) Results

  • The doctor/radiologist will make an initial provisional assessment during the exam.
  • Before leaving, go to the secretariat where our secretary will provide you with a document with information on how to access the results (imaging and protocols) on the centre’s web server.
  • If necessary and depending on how urgent it is, our radiologist will contact your doctor directly.
  • In all other cases, the results:
  1. are sent to your doctor, digitally and securely, on the same day of your exam;
  2. can be accessed (medical imaging and protocol) on the centre’s web server at, using the access codes you received after the exam;
  3. are uploaded electronically to your medical file on the RSW (Walloon Health Network);
  4. You can also collect a copy of the protocol from our secretariat.