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Infiltration with medical imaging


Infiltration can be radio, ultrasound or CT-guided. The radiologist will determine which technique is most appropriate for you.

Radio-guided infiltration is used to determine the target site and plan and control the needle trajectory to be better controlled.

Procedures at our centre

  • Intra-articular and periarticular infiltrations in all joints: with X-ray or ultrasound guidance.
  • Spinal infiltration: epidural, intra-foraminal, intra-articular: with X-ray or ultrasound guidance.
  • Puncture for fluid collection: ultrasound guidance.  

The radiation dose used during the procedure is very low, especially if the radiologist is experienced. This technique guarantees safety, precision, and efficiency!

Before any infiltration is done, the cause of pain must be determined to decide which type of infiltration to perform. So your doctor needs to request this exam for you.