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Imaging of the teeth, jaws, and temporomandibular joints

Various dental X-ray exams are done in preparation for certain dental treatments or before dental or maxillofacial surgery.

Cone Beam CT ( CBCT): Cross-sectional imaging. This exam, which plays a vital part in implantology as well as other specialisations, generates high-quality images. Compared with CT scanning, this technique has the advantage of providing superior quality with a very significant reduction of the dose of radiation to which the patient is exposed. Computer processing is used to generate 3D images.

Panoramic dental: excellent quality thanks to the 3D sensor that adapts sharpness depending on the dental site. For visualisation of the dental arches.

Teleradiograph of the skull: the 30×27 cm sensor generates an overview image of the entire skull, including in adult patients, which is important for orthodontic treatment.