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Artificial intelligence for early detection of breast cancer.

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Early detection of breast cancer has improved in recent years thanks to increasingly effective imaging techniques. This includes the digitisation of mammograms (breast X-rays), tomosynthesis (3D breast X-rays), and the constant development of ultrasound equipment.

Artificial intelligence now complements the resources available to radiologists.

The Rixensart Radiology Centre recently became one of the first centres of its kind to use ProFound AI, iCAD’s workflow solution, which uses AI to detect cancer.

This software is based on a database of several million clinical cases.

It helps the senologist or breast surgeon to analyse mammograms accurately,

performing a fast, accurate, and systematic double reading of all mammograms, alerting radiologists to any suspicious sites that warrant further investigation, and guiding the ultrasound exam.

The software also makes it possible to downplay certain images, avoid additional exams, and therefore reduce radiation exposure for the patient.

A recent clinical study showed that ProFound AI enabled radiologists to improve their breast cancer detection rate by 8% and reduce the rate of false positives, additional exams, and patient recalls by 7%.

In addition to this double reading, the solution also estimates the patient’s risk of developing breast cancer in the short term, within two years, based on age, breast density, and subtle abnormalities on the mammogram.

Its clinically proven results enable doctors to personalise the breast cancer screening programme for each patient.